Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Monday, April 8th, 2013

SO, now everyone can email me! The church changed the emailing policies! Could you (or Anne-Marie) post my email on facebook? Thank you! :)  lauren.collins@myldsmail.net. 

I LOVED CONFERENCE! Watching conference as a missionary is a totally different experience. We watched it at the stake center (there was like all of us missionaries and then a few families). The spirit was just so strong and I was able to stay awake for every talk! lol The men are so inspired and they really are called of God. My favorite was Elder Holland's. He's a powerful, bold speaker. I can't wait for the Conference issue of the ensign to read the talks and receive more inspiration from them. We were inviting people to watch General Conference the whole week leading up to it. Hopefully those people we talked with were at least curious and tuned in. At least we hope so.

I haven't received your letters yet. I did receive the absentee ballot Dad sent me... AW! The puppies are so cute!!!!!!!!! I'm super jealous I don't get to be there as the puppy is growing up. It's good that it's 1/2 golden 1/2 lab so hopefully it won't have the problems of a pure-bred like Athena. We really don't want to have to go through that again. I can't wait to hear which puppy you chose! How far away is it to go get the puppy? Hopefully the person picks out a good one. What happens if you don't like the puppy? And training should be fun-- and hard-- hopefully it's not hyper.

So this week has been a lot of planning, calling, visiting the Auxiliaries, and knocking doors. We haven't had much success yet, but I'm sure we will soon. Hopefully. I heard in the Priesthood session they called out the Bishops and Ward Mission Leaders. We're looking forward to seeing the changes from those talks. :) We did call a number that was in our phone which wasn't in the area book, and the girl said yes, she wants to learn more! She just needed to ask her mom, so we're hoping we can start teaching her soon! Whitewashing has been hard, but I'm excited to see the fruits of our labors soon. It's definitely a new adventure and challenge. 

That's fun our ward has gotten a 19 year-old. The wards here are excited to see the first 19 year-old. I wonder if our ward is going to be getting it's own set of missionaries again or maybe two? 

Sister Collins