Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday, July 8, 2013 - Another Adventure in Missionary Land

This past week we met our new Mission President, President Nattress and his wife. We have Zone Conference and District Meeting that day. President introduced himself and then he had little mini interviews with each of us to get to know us. We also talked with Sister Nattress while our companion was being interviewed by President. They're very nice and I like them already. It was a little weird to not have President and Sister Howes because I know they're personalities already.
Transfers are tomorrow. It's weird that they're now on Tuesdays instead of Wednesdays. I'm still with Sister Pooley and we now have 2 wards instead of 3. The Elders are moving into our little bungalow and we're moving to their house where we will be living with another companionship of sisters. I have to say I'm not jumping for joy right now having to move again and it's only been three weeks since I've last packed. It should be interesting having to live with another companionship of sisters. Should be quite an interesting transfer. I am happy though that we're keeping the majority of our investigators. We're also moving out of the way Anti neighborhood, which I'm not sad about. No more "pleasant" conversations with them on the street.
We had a pretty good week. We taught Julie and Johnny this week and finished up The Restoration. Johnny really doesn't have any background and Julie does so it's been a little difficult teaching them on the same level. When we shared the First Vision, Johnny totally got it. They also understood why the Great Apostasy happened and Julie asked the question why other people don't accept this message as well. We're really excited to teach them again this week. They've invited us for dinner and then we're going to teach them a lesson. They have been praying as a family and individually. Johnny has never prayed in his entire life and he loves it. He totally gets it.
We fasted for Sydney this weekend for her to be baptized. We still haven't heard back from her since she isn't back from her dad's. We are praying and hoping that it went well and everything will go as scheduled for her baptismthis Saturday. We have an appointment with her on Tuesday.
We did meet a lady named Rebecca out at the park and we taught her a lesson right then and there. She's totally interested and has a lot of questions. She was particularly interested in eternal families because she's wanting to get married to her long time boyfriend soon. Unfortunately she doesn't live in our area, but we got her information to have the missionaries where she lives teach her. We were hoping that her boyfriend lived in our area so we could teach both of them, but he doesn't live in our area either. Sad day.
I had almost forgotten that the Fourth of July happened this week. One of our wards had a breakfast that we were able to go to. They're weren't a lot of people at the breakfast because most were out of town, but we did have 11 non-members come. It was nice to get to know people since I really haven't been here for that long in this area. We also were invited to a little BBQ with a less-active family that we were able to stop by. The day was a regular proselyting day, but we had to be in an hour early- 8pm. I didn't see any fireworks, since our view was blocked by the houses by us. We did see some the day after. It was certainly an interesting fourth of July.
It's great to be a missionary! I love the Book of Mormon studying for the Atonement. I just finished Alma 26 this morning. I love Ammon's discourse on boasting in our God because of His goodness. I love the example of the sons of Mosiah and the faith, courage, and dedication they had. Reading their story makes me want to be the best missionary I can possibly be. I particularly love chapter 26 because it outlines the struggles they've had and how they got through them. They went through the same things we're going through, all though some of their trials were different. We all have to go through trials, but we can become better through them and turn ourselves closer to Christ. I have now understood more the power of prayer since being on my mission. Heavenly Father does answer and He does love each and every one of us. He cares about the little details of our lives. The Atonement is real and we can become better from using the Atonement daily. I can't wait to finish the Book of Mormon and start another topic to search for. I have noticed how much it's made a difference studying for a certain topic. I know Christ lives and that He will come again.
Sister Collins

Sis. Poole and Lauren

New Mission President Nattress and his wife

4th of July Parade