Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday, January 20th 2014 - Temple, Temple, and More Temple!

Can I just start off by saying that I have never actually considered moving to Gilbert until I saw the inside of the Temple? I want to just pack right up and move into the Temple. It's absolutely stunning. I wish everyone could come and see the Temple.  On Tuesday night we had a Sisters Training for the Open House with Elder Walker of the 70. He is a funny guy. Here are some of the instructions he gave us: Absolutely NO PROSELYTING. We need to be happy, nice, and smile. Look and feel your best (he said, you have to wear make-up!)We're the first and last people they'll see. He also told us that only 45/82,000 missionaries in the entire world get to have this privilege that we have right now. He said we were the chosen few to be able to have this experience. How humbling to know I am able to be here for the Open House and then the dedication! It's been an amazing experience. Then Elder Walker took us on a tour of the Gilbert Temple. We got the VIP tour and we were able to see more the Temple then the regular tours will. Every Temple is the House of God and this Temple is just, wow. Breath taking. I am so glad we were able to see the Temple before we started working it. I was a little worried that we'd only be able to see it if we got investigators there. This past Wednesday through Friday were the VIP tours. As sister missionaries we have a 60 second speal and then we start a 12 minute introductory video before they start their tour. We also stand in a tent outside the Temple when they're done with their tour where they are able to ask us questions. We were able to work Thursday morning during the VIP tours where it was slower paced. We were also assigned to work on the Saturday morning shift, which was the first day it was opened for the public. It was a little slow in the morning, but then we were soon running from room to room starting the videos. We rotate every two hours from the stake center where the videos are shown to the reception tent. We are divided into 6 groups of 8 sisters each and we will rotate throughout the coming weeks. I love working at the Temple. I feel so blessed. I have already seen so many people from my previous areas and even some people from my past life (lol). I can't wait to continue to work at the Temple for the next month! I have had some interesting questions asked to me. There are some people when I hear them talk about the Temple who are not of our faith and the Spirit whispers to me that they're going to join the church some day. I know there are miracles happening because of the Open House. The missionary work is going to start booming! I hope I get to be a part of the boom!

This past Wednesday I went on exchanges with Sister Kemmerer and she's from New Hampshire. She's been out for about 5 months. She was companion's with Sister Camilletti who left in the beginning of this transfer to go to her assigned mission to New Zealand. She hasn't had a companion since and she is in a trio in the morning and then she has members from her two wards sign up for the rest of the day. She's had a stressful transfer. We had a really good day in her area. We were able to talk to a lot of people on the street and even set up a return appointment from a guy who's interested in learning more. Miracles always happen on exchanges. One of the miracles we saw was when we went to a former investigator's house. She was going to be baptized, but he husband didn't want to commit because he loves drinking and gambling too much. We were able to get into the door and we did some service for her. We were able to share a quick message and she said we could come back the next night when her family was home to show them the Temple Video Presentation. We were also able to have a lesson with two of her investigators. It was a wonderful day and I had a good time! 

Sierra came to church this week! We were able to get in with them on Monday and we had a good lesson on church attendance. Sierra and her little brother Preston, who's 7, will be baptized together on March 8. Sierra is very shy and she doesn't like the spotlight so we decided to more the baptism. We addressed many of their concerns and it was a good lesson. Tonight we have a lesson with them. We are also showing the Temple Video to two families tonight. We pray that they will want to meet with us again! Also on Sunday we taught BYD (Bishop's Youth Discussion) on missionary work. Boy are teenagers a tough crowd! Next month for BYD we're going to teach the Restoration and we committed all of them to invite a non-member friend so that they could hear the message of the Restoration. We gave them a commitment card and made a deal that if they bring them, we'll ask them. We also found a part-member, less-active family who are not on the records. We had a very good chat with Tracy. She's so wonderful and she's been less active since she was a teenager. Her husband, Jose, is not a member and he's a non practicing Catholic. Tracy had a lot of questions and we committed her to read the Book of Mormon since she hadn't in such a long time. We're excited to go back later this week! The work is hastening! 


Sister Collins