Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday, December 24, 2012


Also, I can't wait to talk to you tomorrow either through skype or phone. I received your packages and everyone else's packages-- I have the most packages received so far in my zone...oops! lol. I can't wait to open them! Being a missionary during the holiday season has been difficult since everyone is busy and keeps on canceling the appointments that they had with us. I thought that more people would be coming to church since it's Christmas. Nope! We had none of our investigators show up to church. I'm looking forward to January when things will have slowed down and people won't be so busy. Then we will teach so many people!This past Monday we had a neat experience. We were OYMing at 8pm at a shopping center's parking lot, Fry's (like Jewel), and we started talking to everyone that we saw. We started talking to this worker named Michael and asked if he would be interested in learning more. He said yes and said that we could teach him in 15 minutes when he had a break. Crazy! Never had that happen to us. So, we taught him the first lesson out in the parking lot and commited him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. We set up another lesson. He wanted to have the lesson that night after he got off work at 9pm, but since we have to be back at our apartment we couldn't. He then wanted us to come Tuesday at 1pm, but we were going to be at our mission Christmas party. It was so amazing to see how interested he was in meeting with us! We set up an appointment for Wednesday after we went to the Temple. I'll tell you more about him tomorrow.
Going to the Temple with my mission was such a neat experience. Wow. That many missionaries in one session. The spirit was so strong- especially since we're all prepared because we're serving the Lord 24/7. The Christmas party was so much fun! We first started with a spiritual program in the chapel. I'll tell you more tomorrow! Love, Sister Collins