Sunday, January 27, 2013

Monday, January 21, 2013 Happy MLK Day!!

Happy MLK Day!!

Today is a holiday and I didn't even know it until yesterday when our zone leaders texted us saying that the library was closed. This past week I was hit with the flu pretty hard, so we had to stay inside for most of the week. Which was hard since I knew we had so much to do, but I had to get over the sickness so we can work twice as hard this week. They say it's the worst flu epidemic this year. I hope that all of you are staying healthy! On Wednesday we were able to go to the Temple and that was a blessing to be able to go. Part of the Mesa Mission was also in our session and I met a sister who knew Sister Hamstead. Too bad that she wasn't there also! Yesterday we taught Relief Society in one of our wards since they asked us to. It was the first lesson in the Lorenzo Snow Teachings on "Learning by Faith". When they first asked us they said it was on Faith, so we were like this should be easy since we teach about faith almost everyday. Nope, we were wrong. The lesson was totally not what we thought it was on and if I hadn't been sick, I don't know how we could have planned for the lesson. It was a lot different from teaching faith in PMG. It went well though and we learned a lot from studying the lesson. Lorenzo Snow is a great example to me in learning by faith- having the spirit and preparing to listen to speakers. He said he had never been to a boring church meeting because he was always prepared to learn. We had excellent sacrament meetings on being anxiously engaged. We applied this in our member visits with doing missionary work. We have a lot of member visits set up this week to talk about missionary work and hopefully receive referrals. We met with two families yesterday and committed them to get to know their neighbors and to talk about religion in some way. It was great to see them excited to do missionary work! Yesterday we were OYMing at the Kohl's parking lot and it was hilarious! Now OYMing is just funny to me because of the different reactions that we get. Last night we had a funny one. We saw these two men walking out of the store and we started talking to them right when they were going to get into their car. One guy just looked stunned the whole time and slightly terrified and couldn't quite believe that we were talking to them. They of course declined our message and quickly jumped in the car. It was hilarious. Oh the joys that are found in being a missionary. We get that reaction a lot along with "don't come near me" look. It's quite entertaining and sad to think that people's hearts are that hard. I love being a missionary and finding those that are ready. We have a church tour set up on Saturday with a potential investigator and I'm excited about that. It will be my first church tour of my entire mission so far. :) We're still currently teaching people and trying to find those that are the elect and ready to hear the gospel. How cold is it there? It was really cold last week- 28 degrees- but now it's in the 70's which has been great! I'm not looking forward to the summer weather here...  Love you all! Sister Collins