Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013


I'm not being transferred. I will receive my new companion this Wednesday. This past week has been a week from crazy town. We have been going back and forth between our two areas. Yes, I got the call from the ATM Office and almost had a heart attack thinking it was President. Thank goodness it was just Sister Niesonwolt asking for my address. We've been staying at my place at night because 1. the beds are wayyy nicer and 10 times more comfortable 2. my place is actually clean. The other sister's apartment was disgusting. Ick. It drove me insane to be there. Yesterday during our dinner time, since our dinner had to cancel since they were sick, I helped her clean the apartment. It was much needed and now I can actually go there without having to watch where I step....

We actually got a lot done considering we were working both of our areas and we work very well together. I'm kinda nervous for my new companion since I don't know who it will be. At least I'm staying in this area. I'm excited for Alex's baptism on March 2nd and I'm praying Michael will see the importance of being baptized right now. We did have a lesson with him last Wednesday with at our ward mission leaders house. The lesson went really well. Michael's two daughters were there as well, so we went over the Restoration with the emphasis on blessings from following God's commandments. We related Nephi's story of getting the plates of brass and how faithful he was in trusting in the Lord everything would work out. We were being pretty bold without being overbearing. Brother Johnson's family was amazing at participating and helping with the lesson. We could see Michael thinking about being baptized,but we didn't feel like we should extend the baptismal invitation. We're praying we will be able to start teaching Michael's daughters and put Michael on date to be baptized. When Micheal realizes he wants to be baptized then he will make it happen. We can start to see the change in him since just our first 'real' lesson with him a week ago. We have a lesson set up with him this Friday. I'm so excited for Michael to have the blessings of eternal life and to be with his wife forever.

Yesterday was the Mission President's Devotional. This is geared towards new members and those who are learning. I had invited Alex and Michael. Also Sherry who got baptized on January 1st. Two hours before we found out Alex wasn't coming and then Michael texted us saying his daughter was feeling sick, so he might not be able to go. Sherry said she was definitely going and Sister Caldwell's investigator was also going. We can only go to this devotional if we are bringing someone with us. Michael texts us an hour before saying he can't go. Ok, so we still have Sherry and Sydney going. We get to the building in Tempe (we have to have a member drive us since we can't drive our car there) and are waiting for them to show up. Sydney texts Sister Caldwell saying something came up and the meeting has already started. It's 7:15 and Sherry still hasn't shown up, which is very unlike her. I call her and find out she had fallen asleep. So we can to go home. I felt so bad for the member who had to drive us. Satan does everything in his power to get people to not do the things which will help them grow closer to Christ. It's so sad. At least this month I had investigators were planning on going! There's always next month!
It's exciting to start another transfer and I know this next one will be great!  I love this gospel and I love being on a mission. It's crazy how much the time is flying by- I'm on my third transfer! 

It's great to hear from all of you and love you!!!

Sister Collins

Sis. Caldwell and Sis. Collins (temporary companions for one week)

They made mustaches for fun at a District Meeting