Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday, March 11, 2013


This week we taught Diahann and Nate two lessons! We finished up the Restoration and they did invite us back to hear more. We were worried they wouldn't want us to come back because Nate is really not interested at all. Diahann though is curious and wants to learn more. We're hoping Nate will come around. :)
We also asked Michael finally if he wanted to be baptized and he said yes! His daughter has been in the hospital, so we haven't been able to meet with him in person. We have had phone lessons though. On Friday we went over to his house specifically to ask him "To follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the proper priesthood authority of God." He needs to come to church at least two times before he can be baptized. He hasn't been to church yet.
Yesterday we were expecting (hoping) for Michael, Diahann, and Nate to come to church. They all didn't come. It was sad, but there's always next week. We need to discern why they aren't coming.
I have been reading in Ether and I have loved reading those chapters this week. I just read Ether 12 today, which is all about faith. I highlighted every time the word faith appeared and it was in the chapter about 30 times. I love how Moroni gives examples of how people throughout the Book of Mormon have used their faith and what great examples they were. Also throughout the verses it's stated that God works according to our faith. It's interesting to ponder about and ask ourselves, how great is my faith? Faith brings miracles. Right now, we're searching for a miracle. A miracle of finding people who want to learn about the gospel. We haven't been teaching very much, just a lot of knocking doors and going through the area book of people who have talked to missionaries before. I know we can find someone and help those who we are now teaching, the importance of this gospel and how it will change their lives.
The Easter Pageant is coming up in the next two weeks. It's the World's largest outdoor Easter Pageant. I'm excited to go- hopefully our investigators will be able to go! We can go twice. The Tempe sisters weren't asked to come help out at the Pageant this year, which is sad because I thought it would have been a lot of fun. I guess they have enough Mesa sisters to help out. At least we're able to go to the pageant! We're very blessed to have the temple so close and be able to go to it even though it's not in our mission.
Here is a picture of Alex's baptism and my new companion.
Sister Collins

Alex's Baptism

Sis. Allred and Sis. Collins with their Camelpacks!