Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday, May 6th, 2013 - Lotion and Headbands!

I am now a full fledged chapstick and lotion addict. I have never used so much lotion and chapstick in my entire life. I have also gotten into the practice of wearing headbands. I know I promised I wouldn't become "one of those headband wearing missionaries", BUT I caved in because of the heat.  I will repent after my mission by never wearing a headband again.

This beginning of this week went by super fast. One day we had completed all of our plans for a certain amount of time and so we were like "great, now what do we do? We've done everything in our plans." We decided to track the street we were on (which we hardly ever do because it's not an effective use of our time). The first door we knocked on a man answered and said "Come on in! Do you need water?" We were surprised and thought maybe we knocked into members? We tried to look for signs of if they were members and we didn't find any. We asked if they're interested in learning more about the gospel. It turns out she's inactive and her husband is not a member and they are not in the ward directory. She has all of her family who are active in the church and even a brother out on a mission right now. Miracle! We're going to be hopefully working with them soon.

Saturday is when the week kind of got crazy. It was about 8:40 PM and we were going to visit one of our investigators. As we were biking there, Sister Holcomb hit the curb wrong and fell off her bike. There was a man down the street with his son who came running. I got to Sister Holcomb first, her knee and ankle were killing her, so we ended up going to the Urgent Care. Her ankle and knee were just badly sprained. Luckily no breakage. The Zone Leaders ended up having to take us there and we were luckily only there until about 10:30PM. It's always an adventure! I've now been to the Hospital more on my mission in the past 6 weeks than in my entire life. :) We don't have a car and we can't bike, so this week should be interesting! The members have been great so far getting us to appointments!

We taught the Spanish family last night. They are super prepared and we are working with the Elders on teaching them. Jennifer, the daughter we had talked to, told us she learns better in English. The rest of the family doesn't speak English, so it's a little complicated. I will update you more on them next week. The spirit was so strong in our lesson last night with the family. It's amazing how the Lord directs you in His work to find the elect. 

This week I have really been studying faith. The topic of faith has been coming up in my personal studies every day. Every principle of the gospel can be related to faith. I really enjoyed studying Faith in the Bible Dictionary. So many nuggets of knowledge regarding Faith in there! I encourage you to read it!


Sister Collins

Yikes - Headbands!!