Monday, June 24, 2013

Email from Kevin & Loni Wade, Highland Ranch Ward, Gilbert Arizona

Hi Caroline,

My wife Loni and I wanted to write a quick note to let you know how awesome it’s been to have your daughter, Sister Collins, serve as a missionary in our stake (we’re in the Highland Ranch Ward).  We’re all going to miss her (she got transferred Wednesday to a new area).  Attached are a couple of recent photos you may enjoy:

·        Sister Collins and Sister Holcomb at church on Sunday, June 9, 2013.
·        Highland Ranch Ward chapel on Tuesday, June 18, 2013.
·        New “Full-Time Missionaries” page in the My Mission App.
·        New “Ward Mission Leader” page in the My Mission App.

We had some fun times together.  We got to teach with them a couple of times. . . .  Once they invited us to teach a lesson with them.  After their investigator wasn’t home, we went back to our house and across the street and had a first-time discussion with our neighbors, a young couple that recently moved here from Chicago.  Then last Sunday they stopped by again and we went across the street to another neighbor who had been a minister for a Nondenominational Christian church in Alaska for 26 years.  Neither of our neighbors turned into “golden” investigators, but they were very polite and invited us in where we had good discussion about the Church.  It was great to see how boldly and effectively these Sisters can teach the gospel.

My wife Loni, who’s a kindergarten teacher, got to take them grocery shopping once too.  We haven’t got to hang out with them much, just a few times, but each time we could always feel the Spirit that they radiate.  Our son Sean is a missionary now and serving in Belgrade, Serbia, so we are a very PRO missionary family.  I’m a computer programmer and I have also been writing an App ( for missionaries.  And, these Sisters were kind enough to pose for a quick picture at church that I then used to create a new “Full-Time Missionaries” page in the My Mission App that will allow users to contact the local missionaries and Ward Mission Leader quickly.

The last time we saw Sister Collins was Tuesday evening.  We dropped by to say good bye as she was packing.  The Sisters were both in great spirits and looking forward to their new challenges this next week.  Their mission is being flooded with new missionaries, divided into three missions, and Sister Holcomb, who is a very young and very new missionary herself, will be training a new Sister.

Certainly the Church is in good hands with such great missionaries like these.  They work very hard.  And there are many people here that were sad so see Sister Collins leave.  Thank you for raising such a good daughter and for sharing her with us these past few months.  God bless you and your family!

Warm Regards,
Kevin & Loni Wade