Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013 - A Hot Mess Three Week Transfer

I've gotten several emails wanting to know which mission I'm officially in the......GILBERT MISSION! Shocker I know. I've only served in Gilbert my entire mission. I'm in a newly created zone. The Temple View Zone. I'm right back by the Gilbert Temple. My area is three sqaure miles and we're on bikes. Fun times for sure. It takes 30 minutes to get from on side of our area to the other. We also don't live right in the middle of our area either. We cover three wards. The Assistants to the President are in my zone. It's kind of weird to see them now more than just at transfers and training. So the new mission home is going to be in my zone and I'll probably be seeing the new President a lot more than I did President Howes. My new area borders my old area, so I moved a whopping 2 minutes away. This transfer will be crazy. It's only going to be three weeks long because of the new mission officially starting on July 1st. There's a rumor going around that there are EIGHTEEN new sisters coming in this next transfer for the Gilbert Mission alone. EIGHTEEN. That's only sisters. There's like double the amount of Elders. It seems like all any of us are going to be doing for the rest of our missions is train new missionaries. Who knows. I really don't mind. I actually love training and I really did love whitewashing into another area. If I whitewash in and train the rest of my mission, I would be happy. I love seeing the area go from nothing to something. 
I'm second half training. My new companion's name is Sister Pooley. She's from Colorado and is very sweet and kind of shy. Kind of the complete opposite of me, but we're making it work. :) I was having withdrawals from my old area since I really loved everyone there. It was sad goodbye to everyone, but it was sweet to know I could come back after my mission and see them all again. I'm also hoping to be able to go to the sealing on a less-active family we had been working with getting them to the Temple. I'm excited to see how the people I left will progress and to hear how the area is doing. I'm excited though for this area and how much potential it has. It should be interesting to see which of us stays in this area since I'm sure we're all going to be training. I may only be here in this area for three weeks.
We had our last transfer with President and Sister Howes. It was sad to see them and to know that it was our last time while on the mission. We watched a video, took pictures, and said our goodbyes. It's crazy to not see those missionaries that I've been serving with ever while I'm on my mission. After transfers was all figured out, they had us group together in our new missions and take pictures. Weird to do that while we're still the Tempe Mission. We're making history. We're the first missionaries in the new Gilbert Mission. It's exciting times! The work is definitely hastening. We all feel it. Especially with the Gilbert Temple almost being completed and now I'm so close to it. I can feel the Lord's hand in everything.
I loved the broadcast that was shown last night. If you missed it- Go watch it. It was FANTASTIC! The entire time, I just kept on getting the chills because the Spirit was so strong. The prophet and apostles are so inspired. I really believe missionary work will just explode. It's been working up momentum and the ball is just about to not stop rolling. I'm so happy to be a missionary at this time. I really hope the members start to catch the vision and will start to act.
We had miracles this week! While we were weekly planning we called an investigator who the sisters hadn't been able to get into contact with the whole 6 weeks Sister Pooley's been here and we got a lesson set up! She's so close to being baptized, but her dad is against it. We're hoping to have her dad's heart be softened soon. We also finally contacted a referral from a member the sisters before I came. His name is David and he's hit rock bottom. He's separated from his wife and he can't see his kids. He's a mess right now. We taught him a lesson when we contacted him with the members who referred us to him. We set up a lesson for the next day. Unfortunately, the members who referred him (and are his friends and neighbor) were going out of town the next day. So we had to bring another member with us to the lesson.  We taught David the Restoration and he just really got it. He said a very sincere prayer at the end and he committed to coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon. He just needs to recognize the Holy Ghost and he will be golden. It's very apparent to us how much the Lord has been preparing him and he really doesn't know it. I'm very excited to see how the next lesson will go with David this week. He did also accept a soft commitment to baptism if he knew this was which church he was to join. He has a lot of the same questions as Joseph Smith had when he was trying to find which church to join.
It's a fantastic time to be a missionary!!! I love it. I love it. I love it. If I didn't know the Gospel was true, I wouldn't be out on my mission. I know without a doubt that this is Christ's church restored on the earth again. The Book of Mormon is the word of God, another testimony of Jesus Christ.
Sister Collins
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