Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday, August 12th, 2013 - Faith Produces Miracles

This has definitely been an interesting week. Good news or bad news first? I'll start with the bad news. Barbra was not baptized this past Saturday. It was disappointing, but I know God has a plan like He always does. We hadn't been able to get in contact with Barbra particularly all last week. She was taking care of her ex-mother-in-law and her son has gotten worse. She's had a lot on her plate. It was a little frustrating for her to not get into contact with her, but she did finally call us last night around 8pm. We went over there as soon as we got her message. It turned out she had turned back to her old habit of drinking- she had had 2 glasses of wine by the time we had gotten there. She had also been depressed this whole week so that was why she hadn't wanted to get into contact with us. We talked with her and then we offered to have two men come from the ward to offer her a priesthood blessing. We expounded on what it all entails (have questions? Go to and then also offered a healing blessing for her son.

They came over and it was really a sweet experience to be a part of. They explained what a priesthood blessing was to Dyllan, her son, because he hadn't been there when we explained it. The biggest part of the blessing has to do with the faith of those who are asking for the blessing. Barbra definitely wanted one for peace and comfort, which afterwards she felt a relief and a burden lifted off of her. We then asked Dyllan if he would like one and he said "we've tried everything else, so why not try this." The spirit was so strong during each of the blessings. Dyllan was promised to recover from his back pain as he was doing his part to keep his body clean. I asked Dyllan how he felt after the blessing and he said he felt a sense of hope. We invited him to come to church and to learn more about how we can have lasting hope in Jesus Christ. We will see how this develops. We were sad to see Barbra had been drinking, but the desire to be baptized seemed to be there again. We're going to be teaching her tonight and talk more about the Commandments and the Plan of Salvation. Since the beginning it's been a roller coaster with regards to Barbra.
This week we were able to teach Julie and Johnny! They loved learning about the Plan of Salvation and we brought a ward member who had converted to the church when he was 19. Their little daughter, Maddy, sat in the lesson and understood most everything we were talking about. When Julie asked Maddy she said, "mom, I've gone to church before so it isn't new." She's a 20 year-old stuck in a 10 year-old body. She's so sweet. I love teaching them! Their neighbors who asked them to take the lessons had us over for dinner with them. They had come to all three hours of church yesterday. It was great and they loved it! They were a little overwhelmed with how many people came up and introduced themselves to them. They really do already act like they're Mormon already. I seriously love them and they truly are the highlight of my week.
We taught Korbin this week with his returned missionary friend, Roman, who asked him to take the lessons. Korbin has already had spiritual experiences and has recognized the Holy Ghost. He said he wants to eventually be baptized, we asked him to pray about baptism and when would be right for him. He's solid. He totally understands most everything we talk about and he loves the Book of Mormon. This Saturday we're going to the Visitor's Center with them. The Visitor's Center is such a great tool for converting people and helping them recognize the spirit.
A former investigator, Glenda, came to church yesterday. She had been out of town this past week and had asked her sister, Patricia, to house sit. We had went over unknowingly that Glenda was not there and met her sister. It turns out Patricia had met with the missionaries before and when she had moved she didn't find the missionaries in her new place. So we got her information and forwarded it to the missionaries where she lives. Glenda also talked with us on Sunday and said we could come over and meet with her on Friday! The missionaries have been trying to contact her since April. Miracle! She had told her friendshipper that she knows she's going to be eventually baptized. We'll see about eventually :)
We were also able to get into a less-actives house that the ward and missionaries have been knocking on without any luck on Tuesday night. They were super nice and we had a good conversation with them. I was with the Relief Society President and her counselor because Sister Pooley and I were on splits. I really think we've developed the relationship so that we will be able to get back into the house. Some people I just really don't know why they've just decided to not come to church any more. It makes me sad.
Yesterday our stake put on a fireside for the youth ages 15-19 about preparing for missions. The stake wanted us missionaries in the stake to attend. In the beginning, the man conducting had the missionaries stand up. Kind of embarrassing. It turned out our Mission President was also asked to come and to give a few words. President Nattress had all 6 of us missionaries for the stake come up and stand by him by the pulpit why he was taking. He talked about how he loves all of us and how fantastic we are...again embarrassing. What put the icing on the cake for embarrassment was the little video they showed. Last Sunday they had "interviewed" me and they had actually used some of what I had said. it was a great fireside though because I think it got the youth excited for missionary work. They said the best way for preparing for a mission is to do missionary work themselves before their mission. Fantastic!!!
Some other good news is today we are getting a car again! YAY! We now have gone back to being high rollers with a house and a car. It will be great to have a car so we don't have to travel 2 miles to just get to the edge of our area. I do enjoy biking, but the heat is getting to me a bit and I would like to not be all sweaty when we go to appointments. I'm sure we'll just have enough miles to bike to our area and then bike around, which is fine with me. I'm excited for the coming week and what it will bring. I love helping others come unto Christ and just doing service for them. It's so true that those you serve, you love. I've learned a lot about charity, the pure love of Christ, while being on my mission. Charity truly does take work! It's not really easy to have, but it's totally worth the effort. It makes you so much happier. The little things people do don't really bother me any more. I want to always keep this pure love and happiness throughout my entire life. I really don't want to go back to the person I was before my mission. I'm the same, but then I'm not. I'm a shiny new penny; all cleaned up :)

Thank you for the packages and letters- they're greatly appreciated :) Also transfers are coming up next week. I have no transfer predictions- everything's really up in the air. I guess we'll see!
Sister Collins