Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday, August 19th, 2013 - "Be Still and Know that I am God"

Tomorrow is transfers. I know that I'm staying in my area and Sister Pooley is leaving. President called and said he's doing last minute transfer changes, so currently I have no idea what's happening. I might even be moving! Who knows. Hopefully we get the call from President soon.
This past Saturday we were able to go to the Visitor's Center with Korbin and Roman. He loved it and while he was watching The Restoration video he said his whole body was tingling. He recognizes the spirit, but something is holding him back. He still says he wants to be eventually baptized, but he doesn't feel the urgency. We need to ask better questions. He doesn't like talking about his feelings and he jokes when he feels like it's getting too serious. He's an interesting kid alright. He did come to the Mission President's Devotional last night and he really seemed to like it. The Mission President's Devotional had great speakers who were really touching. We're teaching Korbin again this week. We're hoping to start meeting with him at least twice a week.
We were able to visit a less-active family we have been helping out. Her two girls were there as well and they asked us we could tell them a story. I started telling the story of Nephi getting the plates of brass in a lively way. When I got to the part about Laban and Nephi chopping off his head, I paused for about 10 seconds trying to decide how to say it gently. The father said, just say it. So I said, "and then Nephi had to chop off his head." Sister Pooley then made a sound effect. The youngest girl, who was about 6, gasped and went to go sit on her mothers lap. I was like oops. Talk about scaring little children with Book of Mormon stories.
This week Sister Bouck and I were a little sick, so Sister Pooley and Sister Monson went to all of our lessons on Wednesday. That's the advantage of living with another companionship of sisters. She taught Julie and Johnny and Sydney. Julie and Johnny are doing great and The Plan of Salvation really resonated with them. Johnny commented when they told him of what we were going to teach next, The Gospel, that we were really getting into the meat now. He's a funny, funny man. Sydney's doing great. The ward is really watching out for her. We finally got her dad's address so that the Bishop were he lives could talk with him. We haven't heard back from the Bishop, but we will hopefully will later this week. We have the faith that good things will come from this! We're at least praying and then acting!
I know the power prayer can have in our lives. My testimony of prayer has been strengthened recently. I do know that Heavenly Father does hear our prayers and He does care about us individually. It's amazing to me to know that an all-knowing Being, wants to hear from me. Even about the minuscule things. But because we care about, He does. I had never really thought about picturing talking to God while I pray to make it more meaningful. While I've been on my mission, I've watched my relationship with my Heavenly Father grow and develop into a more two-way communication. I think before I'd just rattle off some thank yous and then go straight into asking, say Amen, and then be done. I think when we take the time to really ponder about what we're going to say and then listen after we've prayed, or even right in the middle of praying, we can recognize more revelation. I'm also a firm believer in God sometimes doesn't answer us while we're on our knees, it's when we're acting. He  loves us so much and I do love Him. I am grateful for my Savior and for His sacrifice. He's done so much for us. I really can't comprehend everything He has done for me. The Atonement is so infinite. 
I have also been thinking recently about the scripture, "Be still and know that I am God." I think sometimes we forget who really is in the "driver's seat" in our lives- it's God. Who wouldn't want an all-knowing, all-powerful Being guiding out lives? That's really the challenge of life though, isn't it? Trying to align our will with God's. Sometimes it's not what we think is best for us, but since it's coming from God it's really the best thing that could have happened to us. We just need to Be Still and then think about what God wants us to be doing. Are we doing what He would want us to do? Developing into what He would have us become? Life is hard. I wise man once (actually multiple times) told me, "Life's not fair, get over it and if some one's trying to tell you otherwise, they're trying to sell you something." Just stop, ponder, and pray. Heavenly Father knows best. This has been a tough lesson to learn, but I've grown so much as a person.
I really hope all of you are at least praying for missionary opportunities and helping the missionaries out in your ward. You have no idea how nice it is to teach someone who is a referral from a ward member. All it takes is an invitation. The worst thing they can say is No. Please, please, please at least share your testimony with others. It's really the Spirit who converts, not us. We can only facilitate Him. I love sharing the Gospel with all of those around me, it's the best thing I can be doing full time at this point in my life.
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