Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014 - When I am Baptized

Transfer News! I am leaving the area and Sister Beach is staying and training (everything I recommended for the sisters I'm over happened! I'm so excited Sister Beach is training. I know she'll do great things). I'm so excited to see where I'll be going and who will be my companion on Wednesday. I could be going about anywhere in the mission. Bring on my last 6 weeks! I can't believe I just received my last transfer call- man, does time just fly right on by. This morning we did a sunrise hike up the San Tan Mountains at 5am. It was a lot of fun and the sunrise was beautiful! I love the Arizona skies! An Elder sat on a jumping choya (a type of cactus that's round and when you get too close to it, it latches on to you). Needless to say, his butt was not too happy!

This past Saturday Sierra and Preston got baptized! It was a joyous day! When we were filling up the font we found a scorpion floating in there. Good thing we saw it before! They all looked so happy and cute when they were confirmed on Sunday. I will sure miss them! Their non-member family came to the baptism was that was good to see them and I know they felt the Spirit. I think their father will join the church someday.

This past week I had two exchanges one with Sister Wiggins and one with Sister Trump.This week Valerie found out she had bronchitis and they still do not know what's really going on with her sister's back. On Thursday when I was on exchanges with Sister Trump in our area we went over to visit her while she was sick. We thought we should teach about the priesthood and specifically the comforting power of priesthood blessings. We had a priesthood holder come with us and we explained about the priesthood which is contingent on our faith and offered her a blessing. She accepted and the brother gave her a touching blessing and Valerie was tearing up. The Spirit was very strong. We're going to be seeing her today before I leave on Wednesday and I'm excited for that!

This week we visited a potential investigator family and when we got there it was just the husband outside in his shed and his wife pulled up as we were talking with him outside. Her son had just gotten baptized this past December and they've been a little curious. We ended up talking with them for quite a bit about their background in religion their different concerns. They both said they would read the Book of Mormon and to pray about it. They both haven't been to church in a while and the husband said he won't go to church. They did say though that they love to talk about religion. We'll see with them. They're going out of town this week and their son who just got baptized and his wife are house sitting for them. They said we could come by any time this week and meet them and we will try to meet them on Tuesday! There are a lot of things starting to happen in our area and I'm sure there will be a lot more this next transfer.

I know I'm going wherever and with whomever the Lord wants me to go. I know I still need to learn a lot and I'm willing to change even more to who the Lord wants me to be. This is going to be the best 6 weeks of my mission, I can just feel it. I love this gospel and I love being one of His representatives in the Arizona Gilbert Mission. I have been reading a lot in Alma 5 this past week. Alma presents a series of questions we all need to ask ourselves. I know after each question I read, I answered them myself. It's a good self-check to find out where I am standing and what I still need to work on. This life is the time to prepare to meet God. It's going to take a lifetime to try to become as close as I can to being who God wants me to be. Sometimes it's painful, but it's His will which should be my will. I am thankful that He knows better than me!


Sister Collins