Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday, November 25, 2013 - And Then There Were Two

I now only have one companion- another sister who had actually just came out a week ago, just went home on Saturday, so President Nattress called us Friday night and said Sister Camilletti had been reassigned. Bummer! She was to leave Saturday morning to her new area. I had actually started to get used to being in a trio. Sister Camilletti and I are so alike- kindred spirits. I guess we just needed to meet each other for 9 days so that we could be friends after the mission! We're both probably going to be at BYU! So it's now Sister Wallace and I at the house with all of the farm animals.
It was a great week- we saw a lot of miracles. Doors were opening that I guess haven't been opened since Sister Wallace got here 6 weeks ago with potential investigators. Wednesday was a fantastic day. We had a lesson with a less active laurel and we invited her to church and actually her step-mom came to church, but not the rest of the family. Maybe next week. What was also neat was having a less-active/part member family open the door for us. Her active RM sister had made her promise to always let the missionaries have water because when she was on her mission, no one gave her water. So she let us in! She told us some of her concerns and we were able to testify powerfully we knew this was the Restored Gospel. She actually agreed to have us teach her children. Her husband had taken the lessons years ago, but they got offended at church again so they stopped. We have really been the first missionaries to get in with the family again since the husband had taken the lessons. We're excited about that! It's too bad they're going out of town for the Holidays.

This week we also were given the chance to show Temple Presentation to two nonmembers. We have been showing them to the families in the ward and encouraging to invite their friends over who they have invited to go to the Gilbert Temple Open House to know a little bit more about the Temple before they go through. The first presentation was on Saturday and the member's friend said yes she would like to meet with us again to hear more. She doesn't live in our area though, but we're still going to teach her the first lesson then pass her off to the missionaries in her area. Then on Sunday at our dinner, the member had invited over her neighbor. We showed the video and she also said she would be willing to meet with us again! She said she won't be able to meet until after the Holiday's though. We're still going to stop by and say hello in a couple of weeks to see if we can do anything for her.
On Friday it really started to rain and it wouldn't let up like it usually does here in Arizona. It rained all day Saturday as well. We have an area in our ward boundaries that is called the "Proving Grounds" which is basically out in the middle of nowhere. Most of the area is dirt roads. We had to go there on Saturday and the roads didn't seem that bad so we continued on. While we were looking for a house (and some of the roads aren't even marked along with some of the houses!) our car got stuck in the mud! Luckily a members house was close by and we went there and they were able to get our car unstuck. At least it wasn't like Sister Allred earlier in my mission! I actually had good reason with wet roads and out in the middle of nowhere! lol
Speaking of the Holidays, Thanksgiving is this week. We have been invited to breakfast, lunch, and dinner so far. All of our appointments have people the members want us to be introduced to. It's so nice of them to invite us over. I can't believe last year I had Thanksgiving in the MTC. Also in 2 days it will have been a year since I came to Arizona! Crazy. I'm so grateful for this time of year and to remember Christ, our Savior. Everyone seems to be just a little nicer to us and a little more likely to listen to us. I am grateful for all of you and especially my family who supports me and loves me. I am grateful for the members here in Arizona who open their mouths and share the Gospel. I'm grateful for the Book of Mormon and I know it is another witness of Jesus Christ. I am grateful for God's beautiful creations and I'm thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who loves each one of us and listens to our prayers. I am thankful for my Savior and the Atoning sacrifice He made for each one of us to make our burdens light when we come to Him. I am grateful for this opportunity to come on a mission and to help others come unto Christ. I love this Gospel and this precious time I have to be here in Arizona.
Sister Collins

From left to right - Sis. Wallace, Sis. Collins and Sis. Camilletti

Car stuck in mud!