Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday, November 4, 2013 - We Are Dictionaries

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Such a great week, let me tell you! Not only was it Halloween (kind of a buzz kill on the mish with the whole "not allowed to dress up because you're a missionary" thing), but we had an Expanded Zone Conference AND a Mission Conference all in the same week! Plus we had miracles upon miracles (even though we had hardly any proselyting time this week)! So buckle up and read on!

First, the Expanded Zone Conference. This included 6 stakes with one representative from each of the Auxilaries and all of the missionaries in those stakes. It was pretty big because we're all trying to work together to make the most of the Temple Open House. "Any man can do the work of 10 men, but it takes a great man to get 10 men to work;" that is what we're trying to accomplish as missionaries. President Nattress trained all of the members on how to approach people to ask them to go to the Open House and then to hear the 15 minute video presentation from the missionaries. The APs role played our 15 minute presentation and then the audience role played asking their friends. It was fantastic, it was just like the Zone Conferences we have with just missionaries, but only two hours instead of six. I loved what President Nattress did at the end. He has Sister Nattress stand with him and asked a series of questions: "Are we perfect? Do we repent daily? Do we have a testimony of Jesus Christ? Do we have a testimony of Joseph Smith? Do we have a testimony of President Monson as the prophet? Do you know what the prophet has called you to do? Then go and do it." Then they both went a chose someone from the audience and brought them up to the stand (Sister Nattress actually came and picked Sister Huefner). Then he repeated the questions again and then Sister Huefner came and picked me, and then he repeated it again. He did this until the entire room was standing. The Gospel is for everyone, President Monson has asked each of us to reach out to those around us. We don't know who's ready and we shouldn't make that decision for them. We need to let them make the decision. I thought it was very powerful. Everyone we talked to in our wards who went was very energized about what we were all going to do. At the end a random lady asked us if we would talk to some of the young woman who had came with her. It turns out all they wanted to do was take a picture with us #celebstatus.

We had gotten some sidewalk chalk and wrote the announcement for the Gilbert Temple Open House with our number for people to call us if they had questions. We hope it generates some curiosity and hopefully everyone will know they can walk through the Temple before it's dedicated.

So, Halloween Day. President Nattress wanted us all inside Halloween Day because I guess people in the past have dressed up like missionaries and done crazy things. We had a lesson set up Ivonne in the morning before our Mission Conference, but when we got there she wasn't there! She later called us and said she had been in the Urgent Care because of some back problems she had been having. It was sad we weren't able to teach her that morning. Our day didn't start out as we had hoped. At the Mission Conference we role played the 15 Temple Video Presentation from11-4pm. It was kind of a long day, but it was great to see everyone from the Mission. The Mission even gave us all little Halloween goodie bags- presh. We then were able to eat dinner with a member who took us to Zupas- kind of like Panera for the East Coast. So that was fantastic we were allowed to do that. We had thought we were going to stay inside our apartment all by ourselves for Halloween night, but the Zone Leaders got permission from President for all of us to go to the High Concilman's house for Halloween night. He picked us all up in a 15 passenger van (because they didn't want us driving) and we had a fun night at their house. She made us chilie and we were allowed to watch Ephraim's Rescue. It was weird to be watching TV and all I could think about how much a waste of time it was to be sitting in front of it. Oh, how times have changed. I guess that's what a mission does to you? Wow. I'm for sure going to be the awkward RM in 6 months #can'twait. I'm so glad they were so willing to have us all over at their house for the night! It was totally better than sitting at home coloring in the  Princess coloring book we got because we wanted something out of the ordinary to do.

During weekly planning on Friday we called Montana (who had recently come back to church) and asked her if her son was baptized and her two sisters. Her two little sisters aren't and their dad gave them permission to take the lessons! That was great to hear since we had been waiting to see if their dad would let them! Two new investigators this week! We also had a lesson with a less-active family and the dad asked the boys who they thought we were. One of the boys said, "Dictionaries?" You know you haven't been to church in a while when your kids think the missionaries are dictionaries! Also this week we had received a referral from a member for their neighbors down the street, who's son just joined scouts. We knocked on the door and the dad let us in right away. It turns out his aunt had joined the church and he had grown up going to our church. They said they have been looking for a church and were actually talking about going to ours. They were super nice, they're a family of six! The father, Nick, said he'd have to talk with his wife (since she was in the back taking a test) and then they would get back to us. We were able to share a short message with them and the spirit was very present. We walked out of there knowing they were golden. We really can't wait to start teaching them. We're praying hard! So many more things happened this week, but I'm out of time!

I've started reading the Book of Mormon over again this time focusing on prayer. It's been a neat experience to see the power of prayer in Nephi's life in the first few chapters of the Book of Mormon. I know the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. I feel the Holy Ghost as I read from it's pages.

Sister Collins

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