Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Monday, March 31, 2014 - Oh, the Life We Live

I know the gift of tongues is real. I have learned so much Spanish in one week. I now know how to pray in Spanish and how to read. I'm still working on understanding what the people are actually saying since my vocabulary is so limited with only what I've memorized. We'll see how much more I can learn in the next month. I hope I can at least understand some of what they're saying to me by the next month and actually carry on a conversation besides where I'm from and how long I've been out. I know Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways and He will help me!

This week we found another new investigator named, Fernando. He's a son of a less-active member in the Spanish Branch. He's in his 20's and when we met him, he just poured out his life story to us and everything he had gone through. Luckily he also speaks English so I was able to participate more than Hello, prayer, my testimony, and goodbye. I think I'll study Spanish after my mission. Maybe the gift of tongues will extend after the mission??

The Branch and the YSA are so cute! I love all of them already! We have more work in the Branch than the YSA. We're working on getting the YSA going even more. We still haven't been able to get into contact with Farrah which is really sad and Kyle canceled our appointments this week! Sad day. He did go to a baptism with his fellowship on Wednesday in the family ward and he loved it! He just is so busy and thinks he doesn't have time to meet with us. We visit a lot of the Recent Converts and less-actives in the Spanish Branch. This week we also had a lesson with our new investigator, Javier. It was kind of a disaster. The fellowship we brought just talked and talked. It was supposed to be a 15 minute lesson which is reminded the fellowship THREE times; it turned out to be 50 minutes full of what the entire gospel consists of when we were just trying to focus on who God is. Oh, members. Got to love em'. We did set up another appointment with Javier and I really pray he will keep the appointment tomorrow.

I loved the Woman's Broadcast on Saturday! How inspiring it is to hear from the woman of the church and to be edified other than General Conference. Speaking of General Conference, I can't wait for this Saturday and Sunday! What a blessing it is to receive revelation. President Nattress encourages us to look of the Apostolic Promises and to write down questions we want answered. Also I can't wait for the May Ensign to come so I can read and highlight the Conference Talks. I feel like sometimes I get more out of them reading them than listening. I get two different views. I am grateful for the living, modern day prophet and apostles who receive revelation for the church as a whole. I know they are men of God who are inspired to talk about what we each need to hear. I invite all of you to watch all of the sessions of General Conference this next weekend and to take notes and especially be prepared to receive revelation. Elder Bednar says there are two things we need to do in order to receive revelation: 1. Be willing to sacrifice and 2. Be willing to make covenants. We also have to sanctify ourselves so we can be an open vessel for the Holy Ghost.

Enjoy General Conference! I look forward to your insights and how your missionary work is going!


Sister Collins

Here are some photos from my last area in San Tan Valley:

Having fun with Easter glasses with Sis. Beach, my last companion!

Sis. Collins' posterity (minus Sis. Pooley & Camelletti)

My last zone, acting goofy